Hey, I’m Karthik and I have a few questions to ask Montrealer’s

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    Hi, I’m Karthik. I am a prospective student coming to Montreal in May and it’s nice to meet all of you!

    I’m currently learning French and I am learning at a very slow rate. It’s so slow that I think it can even be written off as not learning but I can see myself making slow progress. If B2 is needed to find work, what about coop? I would get coop even if I don’t have up to the level of B2? Also, I want to understand how I can feel more integrated into society. I know I’ll be known as an anglophone but I want to put in the effort and be part of the culture.


    Hi Karthik! 🙂 Welcome to Montreal Abroad. Don’t worry about the pace of your French learning – progress is progress! People in Montreal will be happy that you are learning French and they should be respectfull 🙂

    For co-op, I am not sure but language requirements may vary, so it’s worth checking with specific employers or programs. But Montreal is bilingual and you can find jobs in English only.

    To feel more integrated, I would recommend joining events and groups on campus 🙂 You willl meet other students there and make friends. There are also trips organized so you can discover Canada with other international students.

    I hope that helped, feel free to ask if you need more tips or have any questions 🙂


    Hi there! Welcome to Montreal Karthik! I totally agree with what Francois said about your learning progress for french, just keep at it, most french montrealers will appreciate you simply trying your best and might even give you some tips! I encourage you to try and communicate as best you can during your every day life (ie. at cafes, restaurants, the grocery store…) you’ll feel more comfortable doing it on a daily basis if you just keep at it!

    As for integrating yourself, doing campus activities and joining clubs is definitely a good option, but you can also go beyond the school grounds and try finding people with similar hobbies as you do in Montreal! Depending on what your hobbies are there are plenty of workshops and activities all around the city you could join (pottery classes, martial arts classes, trivia nights at certain pubs, gamer cafes, and so much more!) I suggest you go online and look for these things as well!

    I hope I was able to help and don’t hesitate to ask more questions if you have any! 🙂

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